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Watch:Patrick Mahomes must overcome a big fear to be like Travis Kelce and host SNL



An unexpected fear with the teleprompter

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes boasts an impressive track record with three Super Bowl victories under his belt at the age of 28. Known for his fearless demeanor and ability to deliver clutch plays, Mahomes recently unveiled an unexpected vulnerability.

In a candid interview with Time Magazine’s Sean Gregory, Mahomes provided insights into both his on-field prowess and his off-field persona. When questioned about the prospect of emulating his teammate Travis Kelce by hosting NBC’s iconic late-night show, Mahomes declined, citing a past encounter with a teleprompter as the source of his apprehension.

The quarterback revealed that a mishap involving a teleprompter during the annual ESPY Awards left a lasting impression, contributing to his reluctance to venture into hosting endeavors beyond football.

Mahomes explains why he sticks to football
“I have a little bit of a fear with the teleprompter,” Mahomes said.

Expressing reservations about whether he is ready to tackle the SNL stage, Mahomes acknowledged the challenge posed by scripted performances, particularly the reliance on teleprompters for delivering monologues. Although approached by the show’s producers about a potential hosting opportunity, Mahomes admitted feeling unprepared due to his past teleprompter trauma.

Nevertheless, Mahomes left the door open for a future SNL hosting stint, affirming his interest in exploring diverse avenues beyond football.

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