With Husband Jonathan Owens Off to Another City, Simone Biles Spends Quality Time With Her Family

With a heavy heart, wifey Simone Biles bid goodbye to Jonathan Owens as he left to join forces with his new team Green Bay Packers. Amidst the emotional circumstances for the newlyweds, Biles shelled time for her family on Mother’s Day. Moreover, the meet-up was quite special because sister-in-law, Sammi and brother Ron Biles, reunited with the family after a long time. A few hours ago, Sammi took to her Instagram to share glimpses of her wonderful weekend with her family.

Simone Biles’s sister-in-law underlines the best part of the family gathering

In her Instagram post, Sammi shared adorable pictures of her, Simone and her mother Nellie in one frame. In another picture, mother Biles and the gymnast were seen holding up the youngest member of the family, Ronni. Of course, her grandfather, Ronald Biles was also spotted playing with his grandchild in one of the frames.


Sharing glimpses of such wonderful moments from their Mother’s Day celebration, Sammi highlighted that she truly enjoyed the champagne. She wrote, “you had me at champagne 🥂🤍.” Furthermore, she shared that she was delighted to spend time with the family after so long.

Sammi revealed in her post that their reservation was canceled at first. Naturally, they had to wait a little longer. But family times are blessed times. Lastly, she added that her heart was full seeing her daughter receive so much love at the get-together, “seeing our daughter so loved & happy makes my heart so full. can’t thank our family & the husband enough for such a special weekend.”

The reunion was after a long time since the entire Biles family last united. Months before Simone’s wedding, brother Ron suffered from a condition called Avascular Necrosis, which affected his femur bone. Unfortunately, as he was still in the recovery process, he, Sammi, and their daughter Ronni could not attend the gymnast’s wedding.

However, the wholesome meet-up brought lots of joy to the family, including Simone Biles who was saddened by the departure of her husband Jonathan Owens.
Jonathan Owens joins the Packers!

On May 12, NFL player Jonathan Owens flew to Wisconsin to sign his contract with his new team Green Bay Packers. This was a crucial decision for Owens as he would have to stay miles away from Biles to practice with the Packers.

Biles fully supports her husband in his new career move. When he signed the contract last week, she shared a picture of him and added a supportive caption, “So proud of you baby! Here’s to new beginnings! Year 6! LFG!” Moreover, she also announced that the first Packers match for this season will be on September 10, encouraging her fans to watch it. Also, due to Owens’s busy practice schedule, the couple has postponed their honeymoon.

Indeed, Simone and Jonathan Owens are facing newer challenges post-wedding, but with each other’s love and family’s support, they will surely tackle everything together.


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