Venus Williams reacts to upcoming ESPN docuseries on Serena Williams

Venus Williams recently expressed her excitement and support for the upcoming ESPN docuseries on her sister’s life and career.

The series, titled “In the Arena: Serena Williams”, will be a multi-part series that will provide an intimate and comprehensive account of Serena Williams’s legendary journey from phenom to icon.

Venus, the older sister of Serena, is a professional tennis player who has achieved numerous accomplishments in her own right. She was coached by her parents, Richard Williams and Oracene Price, along with Serena.

Venus has four sisters, including Serena, and they are all Jehovah’s Witnesses. She was diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome in 2011. She has also written several books. Venus has a wide range of interests, including karaoke, reading, art, and playing the guitar.

She shared her reaction to the news of the docuseries on her Instagram story.

“I would just like to say that I wanted her to win”, she captioned.

The docuseries will be directed by Gautam Chopra and co-produced by ESPN, Religion of Sports, Tom Brady’s 199 Productions, and Williams’ Nine Two Six Productions. It will feature firsthand perspectives from Serena Williams and key figures throughout her life. It will also examine some of her most significant Grand Slam tournaments and personal milestones, as well as her challenges and triumphs.

The series will also explore Williams’ impact on the sport and culture, as well as her role as a mother and mentor to a new generation of players.
“If I hadn’t been an athlete, I would have landed in the arts somehow”- Venus Williams

Venus Williams recently revealed the she would have landed in the arts somehow if she hadn’t been an athlete.

In an interview with PAPERMAG, Venus spoke about her passion for art and design, and how that translated into her involvement with the fine art world. The 42-year-old shared that she went to various art, fashion schools, and interior design schools.

“If I hadn’t been an athlete, I would have landed in the arts somehow,” Venus Williams said. “It’s hard to say what would have happened but that’s how it feels in my heart. I went to lots of art schools. I went to fashion school. I went to interior design school. I was always in school.”

Venus also spoke about how she got involved with the fine art world through a lawyer who was a friend of her family.

“In terms of getting involved with the fine art world, I had a lawyer who unfortunately passed, and he was a friend of our family for so long and I asked him how to get involved. His sons are great artists and they started showing me around,” she added.

Despite being busy with her athletic career, Venus Williams always found time for learning, revealing during the interview that she had so many art books in her house that she had to move them to her office.

“I have so many art books in my house and have to transfer them to my office because I need more space to hold them,” Venus said.

Venus Williams and her love for the arts has been evident in her designs for V Starr, where she combines her passion for interior design with her love for art. She has also curated several exhibitions, including ‘Tennis and Art’ at the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health in New York.

The seven-time Grand Slam champion has shown that her creativity extends beyond the tennis court and continues to inspire others to pursue their passions outside of their primary careers.


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