Travis Kelce’s Ex Girlfriend unfollows some NFL stars amid Travis Kelce dating rumour

Travis Kelce's Ex Girlfriend unfollows some NFL stars amid Travis Kelce dating rumour

There’s some insider news in the NFL world and this time, it involves Kayla Nicole, the stunning on-air reporter, model, and ex girlfriend of Travis Kelce.

It looks like Kayla has unfollowed a few NFL stars who she was friends with amid news that Travis Kelce has moved on.

Fans did a deeper dive and discovered who Kayla Nicole appeared to unfollow.

Kayla Nicole Unfollowed Brittany Mahomes

Kayla Nicole and Brittany Mahomes had been friends for years, with Travis and her husband, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, playing their whole careers together with the Kansas City Chiefs. If you don’t know, Travis confirmed he was single in January 2022 and he dated Kayla for five years.

What is especially interesting about this unfollow and the timing of it all is just a few weeks ago, Kayla was included in a special surprise birthday party for Brittany.

“Patrick surprised me with my girlssss and a celebration this weekend and it was THE BEST TIME,” Brittany captioned the photo on August 28, 2023. Kayla was included in the exclusive list of “girlssss” included, meaning fans assumed they were still pretty good friends.

It’s unclear when Kayla unfollowed Brittany. At this time, Brittany still follows Kayla.

Kayla Nicole Unfollows Patrick Mahomes

Kayla Nicole appeared to unfollow Brittany‘s husband Patrick Mahomes sometime in the recent past. Fans believe this happened around the same time Kayla unfollowed Brittany. Patrick still follows Kayla.

Kayla Nicole Unfollows Jackson Mahomes

Kayla recently unfollowed Jackson Mahomes. Interestingly enough, Jackson left a comment on one of Kayla‘s photos, presumably after the unfollow.

Jackson still follows Kayla.

Kayla Nicole Doesn’t Follow Donna Kelce Anymore

At one point, fans believe Kayla Nicole unfollowed Travis‘ mom Donna Kelce and reports from fans also indicate that the unfollow might have happened quite recently.

Kayla Nicole Doesn’t Follow Taylor Swift

It’s unclear if she ever did follow Taylor Swift, but right now, Kayla does not follow her

Kayla Nicole Still Follows Kylie Kelce

Travis‘ brother, Jason Kelce, is married to Kylie Kelce. At this time, Kayla does still follow Kylie.

Kayla Nicole Doesn’t Follow Travis Kelce Anymore

Kayla also does not follow Travis, but it doesn’t appear as if this is new information at this time.