Travis Kelce and Mom Donna team up in Pfizer commercial to promote vaccination

Travis Kelce and Mom Donna team up in Pfizer commercial to promote vaccination

Kelce takes on crossword challenge with Mom

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, has teamed up with his mom Donna to star in a new Pfizer commercial promoting COVID-19 vaccination. In the commercial, Donna asks Travis for help with a crossword puzzle, and he humorously admits to struggling with spelling, referencing his past viral tweets filled with spelling errors.

The heartwarming commercial begins with Donna asking Travis for assistance with the crossword puzzle. Travis jokes about his spelling skills, saying, “You know I needed your help with all the spelling classes in English.” Donna laughs and assures him that the puzzle will be fairly easy.

As they continue working on the crossword, Donna poses the question, “What comes up but never comes down?” Travis ponders the question and suggests, “Well, I know you can never get younger, you can only get older. So age?” Donna congratulates him on the correct answer.

Donna then presents another crossword clue, asking, “What two things can you never eat for breakfast? 14 letters.” Travis playfully responds, “You can’t eat lunch and dinner, is that 14 letters together?” Once again, he answers correctly, earning praise from his mom.

Finally, Donna challenges Travis with the last question: “How can you play defense when you are not on the football field? This one is seven letters.” Travis confidently replies, “I do know this one – vaccine! By getting this season’s Covid-19 shot, you can help protect against the disease.”

Kelce has been very supportive of vaccination

Travis Kelce’s decision to participate in the Pfizer commercial aligns with his commitment to keeping himself and his loved ones safe. In October, he shared his reasons for getting vaccinated, stating, “I got it because of keeping myself safe, keeping my family safe, the people in this building. So yeah, I stand by it, 1000%.”

Interestingly, Travis found himself unintentionally involved in a “vax war” with fellow NFL player Aaron Rodgers, who openly opposes vaccination. Rodgers referred to Kelce as “Mr. Pfizer” due to his commercials with the company. In response, Kelce humorously commented, “Who knew I’d get into vax wars with Aaron Rodgers, man? Mr. Pfizer against the Johnson and Johnson family over there. I’m fully comfortable with him calling me Mr. Pfizer.”

The commercial featuring Travis Kelce and his mom Donna showcases their playful and loving relationship while emphasizing the importance of COVID-19 vaccination. With their lighthearted banter and clever crossword puzzle answers, they encourage viewers to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated.