The man of the moment: The day Patrick Mahomes’ father helped Travis Kelce score two touchdowns…

It seems that Patrick Mahomes is not the only member of his family who is making headlines for good reasons at the moment.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the man of the moment in the NFL right now, after winning his second Super Bowl last season, and he is now getting ready for the new campaign.

In the meantime, his dad is the one stealing the limelight and making headlines for his role in Travis Kelce’s career.

Kelce is a Chiefs teammate of Mahomes and they won their second Super Bowl together in the space of four years recently.

Patrick Mahomes’ podcast story about Travis Kelce
Mahomes was recently on a podcast run by Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce called New Heights and he told a story about how his dad had picked Travis up from a low point a few years ago.

He was talking about a time where current Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill was the dominant receiver for the Chiefs and Kelce was much less in the picture. He was clearly down about the situation.

“If you look at our relationship now, you would be like ‘That is crazy!’ but my dad tells this great story,” the quarterback started.

“We win a game, and Travis is a team player, so he’s all hyped up in the locker room.

“But we go to the family area and Travis gets out there first and he was going to see his family. You could just tell that Travis was kind of down. Not down, but like ‘Man, I could have played better’.

“But my dad, Silky P, went over there and grabbed Travis and said ‘Hey, he’s going to throw it to everybody so just know your time is coming’.

“The next game, we play the Steelers, and Travis has 140 yards and two touchdowns. My dad said he grabbed him after and was like ‘I told you’.”



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