Taylor Swift’s birthday celebrations with Selena Gomez begin at Time magazine gala’s expense

Taylor Swift's birthday celebrations with Selena Gomez begin at Time magazine gala's expense

Taylor Swift has got her birthday celebrations underway by going for dinner in New York with a handful of her very famous friendship group.

She turned 34 years old on Wednesday and many expected her to be in attendance at Time magazine’s gala on the same evening. She was not, even though she was named their Person of the Year earlier last week.

She was seen leaving the club Zero Bond with close friend Selena Gomez, as well as Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry.

Her arrival in New York City came after she had spent some time with her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Travis Kelce.

Swift and Gomez were holding hands as they left the club, both wearing long coats to fight off the cold.

Swift and Gomez come under fire
Both Gomez and Swift came under the spotlight recently for an event that they chose to attend.

According to People Magazine, Swift, Gomez and other celebrities attended a charity event hosted by comedian Ramy Youssef at The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

All proceeds will be sent to support the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, which has been decimated during the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The organization in charge of raising these funds is the American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA), which is responsible for providing aid to refugees not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank, Lebanon and Jordan.

While Swift has not spoken out on the Hamas-Israel conflict via her Twitter/X account, the Stop Antisemitism organization criticized the singer for attending the event and her perceived silence in condemning the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas.

It said: “Since October 7th, Taylor Swift has made ZERO mentions of the massacre that occurred in Israel at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Her own bodyguard, who is charged with protecting her life, went to Israel to serve in the IDF. Swift did, however, make the time to attend a Gaza fundraiser Friday evening with Selena Gomez. When will you attend a fundraiser for Israel @taylorswift13?”