Still Reeling From Jackson Mahomes Tragedy, Mother of Patrick Mahomes Finds Solace in Another Child’s Milestone

Randi Mahomes and her family are gradually recovering from the loss of her mother Debbie Martin last month. The circumstances since have made it difficult to mourn, with younger son Jackson Mahomes arrested on assault charges. However, Patrick Mahomes’ mother has found a glimmer of silver lining amid all this chaos and humdrum. And it’s a special occasion that caught up with Randi Mahomes by surprise.

Nope, this silver lining has nothing to do with Patrick’s two Super Bowl trophies or Randi’s grandkids, Sterling and Bronze. This day belonged to Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister, Mia Randall, who surprised her mom with how much she has progressed in a certain aspect.
Randi Mahomes celebrates Mia’s major milestone

Kansas City Chiefs fans have seen Mia Randall before, in the Arrowhead stands rooting for her half-brother Patrick Mahomes. She often accompanies her mother to NFL games. This week, she took Randi by surprise when the latter realized just how fast Father Time changes things.

Randi Mahomes posted an Instagram story with her daughter as Mia embarked on the all-important journey of seventh grade. “I can’t believe she’s almost in seventh grade,” Mother Mahomes shared on an Instagram story.

Besides her academic progress, Mia Randall is a three-sport athlete just like her 2x MVP quarterback half-brother. Randi Mahomes manages her daughter’s social media accounts and frequently posts about her on-field achievements in tennis, volleyball, football, and basketball. In fact, she has already started collecting the accolades like Pat Mahomes.
Mia Randall is following Patrick Mahomes in setting a sporting legacy.

Born on July 12, 2011, Mia Randall reached her first major sporting accomplishment in 2021, a year after Patrick Mahomes won his first Vince Lombardi Trophy. Randall won the Awesome Athlete Certificate for her on-field and on-court success. “My girl!! Awesome athlete,” Randi Mahomes shared the adorable picture.

Rarely does Randi Mahomes get all her kids under one roof. “The best photo I got of all 3 for Easter. All 3 in the same picture works for me,” she said on IG five weeks ago.

It’s been a rocky time since then, with younger son Jackson Mahomes doing his share of legal redemption. Jackson spent a day in Johnson County Jail before being released on a $100,000 bond because of an assault and battery case from February.

Surely, Mia’s achievements will put a smile on her mother’s face at a time when she needed it the most.


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