“She Urinated on Herself”: Simone Biles Called for Help AGAIN …… “Terrifying Cruelty”

Simone Biles Called
Simone Biles Called

Simone Biles is a legendary Gymnast with seven Olympic medals and 25 world championship medals. While Biles loves her sport, only a few fans are aware that the Olympian is also passionate about helping animals. Not only does she have pets, but Biles has also helped raise awareness for the adoption of abandoned animals.

Recently, an organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, called on the Olympian for help after posting a video of circus animals on their Twitter page.

PETA calls on Simone Biles to spread awareness

On November 4, PETA posted a video on their official Twitter page. The alarming video highlights the mistreatment of circus animals. The video caption reads, “@Simone_Biles 📢‼ Shrine circus spectacles are fueled by abuse — and we’re pulling back the curtains. Animals are NOT entertainers 💔🎪 Tell @Shriners International to end the cruel animal acts!”

The video contains many short clips of the mistreatment of these circus animals. In one clip, towards the end of the video, a bear performs a handstand. However, things don’t go as planned. PETA claims, “This bear was so petrified that she urinated on herself.“

PETA also tagged many other public figures after originally posting the video. They tagged pro wrestler The Miz, actors Olivia Munn and Theo Rossi, and many others. It seems PETA wants to reach as many people as they can and spread the word.

Simone Biles has been vocal about social issues, whether it is related to animal abuse or mental health. She also recently became the youngest person to receive the Medal of Freedom. The Olympic gold medalist also has a massive Twitter following of 1.7 million. While she hasn’t reacted to the post yet, a single retweet from Biles would get the attention of many people.
A champion for animals as well

Simone Biles is a four-time Olympic gold medalist and 19-time world champion. However, Biles isn’t just a legendary gymnast, she is passionate about helping animals without a home. In 2019, the champion gymnast helped a shelter named Abandoned Animals Rescue, situated near her home in Texas. Biles spent her evening at the shelter. She said, “I feel like we should be a voice for all animals.”

The Olympic medalist also said, “Hopefully, tonight some of these dogs can get adopted. That’s the plan.”

While many circuses across the globe have stopped using animals to perform tricks, some still use a variety of animals ranging from tigers to monkeys. The shrine is one such circus. However, only time will tell if PETA’s efforts have any influence on changing how things work.


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