She Loves Children:The Star Quarterback’s Wife Brittany Mahomes reveal the families plan for more children…

Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Mahomes Reveals Plans To Have FOUR Children.’Patrick was a..

Brittany Matthews revealed that she would love to have four kids with Patrick Mahomes.

Brittany Matthews is already planning to have a huge family.Brittany Mahomes held a Q&A session on Instagram this week where a fan asked her how many kids she and Patrick Mahomes want to have together.

Brittany responded, saying she and Mahomes never really put a number on their plans for having kids. Matthews further added that she would like to have around four kids with the quarterback. “So, we never really put a number, a specific number, on how many kids we want, but I would say around like four,” she said during the IG Q&A.


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