Rihanna’s Rare Quotes About Motherhood

Rihanna’s Rare Quotes About Motherhood

Rihanna has given rare glimpses at how she and ASAP Rocky are settling into parenthood after welcoming their children.

The Grammy winner and the New York native revealed in a January 2022 maternity photo shoot that they had a little one on the way. Us confirmed in May 2022 that the Barbados native gave birth to son RZA Athleston Mayers — whose name they did not reveal until May 2023.

Since becoming parents, Rihanna and the rapper have kept their newborn out of the spotlight as they’ve returned to their busy schedules. But expanding their family was always the plan.

“They want a big family, for sure. Rihanna loved being pregnant and fully embraced her pregnancy body,” a source told Us in May 2022.

In February 2023, In February 2023, Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and revealed her second pregnancy. The Fenty founder and A$AP welcomed baby No. 2 in August 2023.

‘Living’ for Her Baby Boy
“I’m living for my son. Everything matters now. You really start to take a lot into account,” Rihanna said during a February 2023 appearance on the “Process with Nate Burleson” podcast. “Skydiving?! You really think about stuff like that — it’s not worth it. Everything is different, life before my son seems very obscure. It’s very small and cloudy, it just got better with him. It’s so much hard work but nothing is more fulfilling than that.”

Taking Over the World
“When you become a mom, there’s something that just happens where you feel like you can take on the world and do anything,” the “Diamonds” singer said in a February 2023 press conference about her decision to perform at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show. “The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world. As scary as that was, because I haven’t been on stage in seven years, there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all.”

She added: “It’s important for me to do this, this year. It’s important for representation, it’s important for my son to see that.”

Her ‘Happy Baby’
The hitmaker told Entertainment Tonight in November 2022 that she “cherished” small moments with her son. “Oh, my God, [in] the mornings, like, seeing his morning face!” she raved. “Seeing a baby with, like, little bags and waking up and they’re just, like, startled. They’re trying to figure out where they’re at. It’s the cutest. It’s my favorite part of the day. … He’s amazing. He’s a happy baby.”

Learning to Be Patient
Rihanna reflected on her “wild” motherhood journey during a candid interview with Extra. “It is crazy. It is amazing. … It’s weird. It’s all of those things, all at once. The best feeling, the best. The most love I’ve ever known. I can’t describe it. It’s new. It’s fascinating. Every step, every facial expression, every new milestone. I love it,” she gushed in November 2022.

Having a baby made her more patient, the beauty mogul admitted. “I thought I was getting better at patience, but this will sit you down. You are forced to be patient as a mom, as a parent, just in general,” she said. “Your tolerance level goes down, but your patience goes up, if that makes any sense.”

Post-Baby ‘Booty’
Giving birth “changed” the “Umbrella” artist’s body — but she didn’t mind. “I guarantee you it changed,” she told InStyle in November 2022. “I had a baby. Let’s be real. Now it’s my booty because I got one.”