Randi Mahomes drops cryptic quote after latest update in Jackson Mahomes scandal

Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi Mahomes is one of the most active social media members of the family. From Twitter to Instagram, Randi has always supported her children, especially with Patrick constantly being in the spotlight.

However, Randi has kept silent about Jackson Mahomes’ recent arrest and social battery allegations. Though Jackson bonded out of jail, the investigation and the case seem ongoing. New updates are being shared every few days.

Recently, Randi shared a cryptic quote on her Instagram profile. Of course, she did not confirm that the quote was related to Jackson or their family.

Some of us really stand on loyalty and pure intentions,” the quote read.
Randi’s quote story comes some time after Brittany posted (and deleted) a quote on her story.

Brittany added a ‘sheesh’ and a clap emoji. The quote read:
“As you get older you start to understand the difference between friends and associates, family and blood, business and work, love and lust, want and need. And most of all what’s important and what’s not.”
Fans, however, ended up trolling Brittany about the quote. According to a few fans, the Kansas Chiefs City QB should just cut his losses. After all, despite his fame in KC, Brittany and Jackson have been on the receiving end of constant criticism.

That being said, Randi seems to have cleaned out any negative comments made about her son. There was, however, an increase in supportive messages for Randi and Jackson. Despite the situation, many wanted a mother to wish her son a happy birthday properly.


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