Prince Harry to replace Prince William as King Charles’ heir

Prince Harry is rumored to be next in line to the throne once King Charles abdicates, according to a series of warnings

Prince Harry is allegedly in line to become the next King of England, and may even pass over his older brother Prince William for the spot, despite being the ‘spare’.

This possibility has been presented by British author and Nostradamus commentator Mario Reading.

He also warns the King of England, may have to abdicate his throne under less-than-ideal circumstances.

According to Mr Reading, the current monarch is at risk of being “driven out by force.”

In his replacement, it is not Prince William who is prophesized to take the throne, but “one who will have no mark of a king.”

According to Mr Reading’s predictions, everything will occur after “persistent attacks on both himself and his second wife” start coming in.

For those unversed, this is not the only prophesy shared by the Nostradamus either.

He warns of a myriad of other possibilities, from declining relations with China to a climate catastrophe for the ages.

His predictions for last year also saw some truth, from the rise in the cost for living, brought on by Russia and Ukraine’s war, to generalized bloodshed around the world.