Prince Harry ‘bored’ in Montecito with less to do in LA than in UK as a senior royal

EXCLUSIVE: The Duke of Sussex seems to be struggling, trying to figure out what to do, and living in a gated community isn’t helping, as it’s isolating, a royal expert has claimed.

Prince Harry resigned as a senior royal in seek of normalcy, which is what he got, living the suburban life in Montecito, CA, but it sounds like it may be unfulfilling, says author Tom Quinn.

Daily Express US spoke to Mr. Quinn about what Harry gets up to with him saying, “He gets bored down there.”

According to Quinn, who wrote Scandals of the Royal Palaces, Harry has “less to do” than he did when living in the UK.


Harry lives in a gated community, which may make his day-to-day living isolating.

He provides some background, saying Harry didn’t try very hard when at Eton College, because he knew when he was done, he wouldn’t be expected to secure a traditional job.

But, now that he’s stepped back from his royal duties, Harry is faced with big decisions, as what to do with his time. And, as a full-time royal, he wasn’t making decisions for himself, he had advisors, which is no longer the case.

Quinn talks about what life is like for Harry current day, saying, “I have heard from people who know them that he gets bored down there. He has even less to do than he did here.”

Quinn talks about Harry moving from the UK to the US: “He’s gone from being a member of the Royal Family and doing charitable work to doing even less in the states.”

And what he does to pass time: “He’s in a gated compound, he finds it difficult, I know he goes cycling, but he has to have a security detail.”

He says of the their waning popularity: “I think people are starting to lose interest in Harry and Meghan.”

Harry and Meghan released their Christmas card last week with a photo of them from this year’s Invictus Games. The Invictus Games are set to take place in Vancouver, Canada in 2024. This is a passion project for Harry, and it’s a huge undertaking, which may add to his to-do list.