Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Is Jealous: NFL World Reacts

Patrick Mahomes' Wife Is Jealous: NFL World Reacts

Patrick Mahomes’ wife saw how her husband treated Travis Kelce after the Chiefs’ win on Monday Night Football.

He went up to Kelce during his post-game interview and said, “I love this dude right here baby, this is my dog” before running out of the shot.

Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, saw that video and made a funny comment about how she’s jealous of that kind of love.Of course, this was a joke since the two are married and have a child together. This tweet also produced some great reactions on social media from the NFL community.

Brittany got the best of both worlds last night. She got to watch her husband win and she got to spend time with him after the game.

They’re also set to grow their family even further pretty soon with the birth of a second child.


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