Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Has 2-Word Response To Chiefs Fan

Patrick Mahomes' wife slams referees as Kansas City Chiefs lose to Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs fans are spoiled by quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

Mahomes makes wizard-like plays on a weekly basis and that didn’t change on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. He was scrambling out of the pocket and threw a no-look toss to Jerick McKinnon who took it the distance. 

Obviously, she’s thankful for more than just how good he is on the field. She spends almost every day with him since they’re married and have kids together. 

Her husband finished Sunday’s game with 352 yards through the air, three touchdowns, and three interceptions as the Chiefs held on to win by six, 34-28. 

They’re now 10-3 overall, which is good for the second seed in the AFC. 

Chiefs fans will look for another reason to be thankful for Mahomes when the team takes on the Houston Texans next Sunday. 


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