Patrick Mahomes was the lucky charm at Miami GP for Checo Perez and Max Verstappen

The life of an NFL quarterback is always busy, even in the offseason, but Patrick Mahomes has taken that to a whole new level

The Kansas City Chiefs star has made appearances at two major sporting events this week, all in the midst of his brother’s sexual assault allegation.

Mahomes was at the Kentucky Derby and gave the Riders up! yell, then hours later he traveled to Miami to be at the Formula One Grand Prix.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was greeted by Red Bull drivers Sergio “Checo” Perez and Max Verstappen. The three stars took pictures, Mahomes gave a Chiefs jersey to the drivers and they gave him an Austrian team jersey.

The Mahomes charm worked, Max Verstappen came in first place and Checo Perez in second.


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