Patrick Mahomes told he’s not the NFL’s best quarterback as rival gets the nod

Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star quarterback Carson Palmer has named the quarterback who he believes to be better than Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes despite his recent Super Bowl win

Patrick Mahomes is coming off the back of his second Super Bowl, as well as his second regular season MVP award after what was an extraordinary season.

He became the first quarterback to win both in the same season for over 20 years, once again proving why he should be considered as one of the best quarterbacks, not just in the current league, but of all-time.

However, one former Heisman Trophy winner and 15-year starting quarterback does not see him as the best in the league, at this time, and has stated who he believes to be better.

Former USC, Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals star Carson Palmer had an amazing career in his own right, with three Pro Bowls and an All-Pro season to his resume, as he has stated why he believes Joe Burrow to be the best in the league.

Speaking on the QB Room podcast, Palmer said: “I know Patrick is phenomenal, but I just think Joe’s more consistent.

“He’s more accountable to run the system and the play that’s called and not feel like, ‘Well, he didn’t win last time and get open for me, so I’m gonna do it with my feet,’ and then before you know it, you’re sacked for a four-yard loss because you tried to make two or more three guys miss.

After Burrow’s incredible 2022 season, it’s fair to say that many see the top two to be him and Mahomes, but many would argue it’s hard to go against the latter after what he achieved last season.

The two men are likely to be rivals throughout their career, with both their teams looking to be set for future success with them at quarterback, while also having a well-rounded roster.

The Bengals recently signed Mahomes former left tackle Orlando Brown Jr, who will be a huge upgrade for the team, with the Chiefs taking a risk after signing former Jacksonville Jaguars Jawaan Taylor to a huge contract.


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