Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Shares Cute Throwback Photos of Him as a Kid During Trip to NYC: ‘Brought Back Memories’

Patrick Mahomes' Mom Shares Cute Throwback Photos of Him as a Kid During Trip to NYC: 'Brought Back Memories'

Mahomes’ mom Randi was inspired to share the photos after spotting a billboard featuring her son in an ad for Skims.

Patrick Mahomes’ mother is sharing cute throwback pictures of the NFL star!

During a trip to NYC, Randi Mahomes spotted her son’s Skims billboard photo and reminisced on a previous visit to the city with her now-Kansas City Chiefs quarterback son.

“Loved seeing Patrick’s family on the @skims billboard in NYC!” Randi’s Instagram caption read. “ It brought back memories of when we traveled there years ago… ➡️Swipe to see us experiencing NYC together all those years back 💛.”

Randi included a photo of the billboard, which shows Patrick dressed in Skims alongside his wife Brittany and their two children, Sterling Skye, 2, and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, 1. Then the next slide showed Randi carrying her then-little boy in front of a Late Show with David Letterman billboard.

In the last snap, Patrick is again being carried by his mother while standing in front of a busy street and a Cats billboard.

Along with Patrick, Randi shares son Jackson Mahomes, 23, with her ex-husband Pat Mahomes. The pair were married from the late ’90s until their divorce in 2006.

Randi is also a mom to Mia, whom she welcomed following their divorce.

Meanwhile, Randi’s daughter-in-law Brittany opened up to PEOPLE earlier this month about how food allergies have impacted her and Patrick’s two children, especially after Bronze had to be rushed to the emergency room.

“I can relate to all moms and families out there that are dealing with children with severe food allergies,” Brittany told PEOPLE as she discussed her partnership with OWYN. “The holiday season is extremely difficult when gatherings and activities revolve around food, and it is so special to be able to help these people and reassure them that they are not alone.”

She added that her and her husband have to be “hyper-aware of what food and drinks we have in our household.”

“We recently found out my son Bronze has a severe peanut allergy, which led to a scary trip to the ER. It was one of the most terrifying days of my life,” she said. “Fortunately, he was okay, but I’ve had to cope with this new way of living and ensure my family is safe inside the home and out.”

Speaking of their daughter, she added, “We’ve been aware of Sterling’s allergies since she was an infant. We’ve been learning more along the major childhood milestones and are so grateful to continue to discover helpful resources along the way.”