Kate Middleton meets royal lookalike Princess Mary in …..


Kate Middleton met her royal lookalike, the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, during her tour on Wednesday.Kate Middleton made her rare solo tour of Denmark even more memorable for her fans after meeting up with her royal lookalike, the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Mary will share lunch at Frederik VIII’s Palace, where the Danish royal family lives.



She is then scheduled for a tour of the work of the Mary Foundation with Mary before heading home to the UK.Kate and Princess Mary’s meeting has been hotly anticipated since the Duchess of Cambridge landed in Copenhagen on Tuesday, February 22 for a rare, two-day solo tour of the country.



Kate Middleton meets royal lookalike Princess Mary in Denmark

The two not only share an uncanny resemblance, but also similar style and backgrounds; both Kate and Mary are commoners-turned-future queens.


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