Iga Swiatek hints she plans to go to university after her tennis career is over

Iga Swiatek has hinted that she plans to go to a university once her tennis career is over. Swiatek, who will be turning 22 later this month, likes to read books and that has become one of her passions and hobbies in recent years.

Swiatek believes reading books is a great tool to broaden your horizons and she loves getting more knowledgeable on various topics. But since Swiatek is fully committed and dedicated to her tennis career, there is not really time or space for her to enroll at a university right now.

“I really like to learn, so I’m kind of still used to school, you know? I finished two years ago and miss just having some stimulation that way. But on the other hand, I know I can’t do much because my priority is tennis and my career.

I’m pretty sure that maybe after I finish, I will go to some university. I’m just curious about the world. And I sometimes have to stop being curious because I need to focus on tennis. And I’m trying to kind of still have that curiosity, maybe not during the matches and tournaments, but when I have time off,” Swiatek said, per Eurosport.

Swiatek picked tennis over university
In 2021, a 19-year-old Swiatek became a Grand Slam champion after winning the French Open. That was the moment when Swiatek felt she could really do major things and decided to exclusively focus on her tennis career.

“Right now it’s going to be hard to make a decision to go back to studying because I feel like really I can achieve big things. I just want to focus on that. But really I’m only 19, so a lot can change during few years.

We are going to see. Maybe I’m going to be hungry for knowledge or anything.

We are going to see. Maybe I’m going to be hungry for knowledge or anything. I think if I’m going to be in a few finals of Grand Slams, it would be impossible to study and playing that kind of tennis consistently,” Swiatek said in 2021.



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