I Was a Persistent Child”: Simone Biles Opens Up on Smashing Her Doubters

Simone Biles dominance is not just restricted to the gymnastics arena. A woman of versatile talent, Biles is a social activist, a strong advocate of mental health, a dog mama, and a businesswoman. Perfecting the many roles with precision in the recent interview conducted by NRF’s CMO, Martine Reardon, the 25-year-old, talked in detail about her perspective towards life.

Candidly, she discussed many things, including her career, her partnership with the clothing brand Athleta and others. Biles gave a deep insight into her childhood and spoke about how she drew inspiration to keep herself motivated.

Simone Biles opened up about her journey

Many pursue gymnastics in the hope of making it big. But only a handful could actually stand up on the podium and make their presence felt. The journey may look easy, but it has its own hurdles. Having lived through a difficult childhood, Simone, in the Retail’s Big Show event, remarked, “I was a persistent child.

Nothing came easy for easy, she recalled, “I had to prove that I could do things that others doubted to others for me too.” Thus, to keep herself motivated since her childhood, she believes if others can do something challenging, so can she. Learning from others, she did not restrict herself to sports; she went beyond and tried her hands at business.

Seeking inspiration from the trajectory of other athletes who became business executives like tennis player Serena Williams, basketball player LeBron James, and gymnast Allyson Felix, Simone kept going ahead. Regardless of the situation, she kept striving forward. Overcoming one hurdle after another, Biles came a long way.

Simone talks about how she keeps learning from others

Thus, in short, Biles’ strategy for life was greatly influenced by the people in her surrounding. From following her mother’s advice to visualize plans to eventually working hard to turn her dreams into reality, her spirits were too high to be crushed. With each step she took, Biles reached close to her dreams.


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