I regret leaving Beyonce: Beyoncé’s Ex-Boyfriend….

I regret leaving Beyonce: Beyoncé's Ex-Boyfriend....

Lyndall Locke looks back on his relationship with Beyoncé with lots of regret.

Phenomenal singer-songwriter Beyoncé and Lyndall Locke met in 1993 when they were only 11 and 13 respectively. They were both from Houston Texas and was attending a youth church at the time. Beyoncé’s best friend turned bandmate Kelly Rowland was the one who played the matchmaker for the two and introduced them.

With the natural beauty of the phenomenal singer-songwriter, Locke was obviously smitten with her charm. He said “From the first time I saw Beyoncé I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked like an angel, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.”

Lyndall Locke Labeled Beyoncé As ‘Shy’ During Their Younger Days

As soon as the pair met, they went on to spend every waking hours to talk on the phone and get to know each other. Locke recalled, “As we were so young at the time it was very innocent between us. We’d hang out after school and almost every night we’d fall asleep talking to each other on the phone.”

At the time, Locke said that he had no idea that Beyoncé could even sing. He described the singer as a timid and shy young girl. He said, “She was just so shy, she was a bit of an outcast at school and didn’t even sing in the choir. For two years I didn’t know she could sing.”

The pair bonded by watching movies together and playing Connect 4. Sometimes they’d hang out with Beyonce’s younger sister Solange and Kelly as well.

Locke further recalled, “Some of our most fun times was when I watched Beyoncé, her sister Solange and Kelly performing dance routines. So while I had no idea how good her voice was back then, I certainly knew she could move.”

As their relationship progressed, Beyoncé found the courage to go to auditions. She would go to a monthly audition trip to Atlanta with her best friend Kelly Rowland to sing in front of record executives. When Locke noticed the frequent trips to Atlanta, Beyoncé confided her dreams of making it big in the music industry.

He said, “I won’t lie, I was surprised, but that’s just Beyoncé, she is the last person on earth to ever dream of bragging about herself.”

Beyoncé’s Fame Soon Strained Her Relationship With Lyndall Locke

Despite the frequent trips to Atlanta, their relationship prospered smoothly. Beyoncé and Locke grew closer and closer and Locke even remembers the memory of their first kiss.

“It was just after Beyoncé’s 15th birthday. I surprised her with Brian McKnight concert tickets, and it happened that night. I had got popcorn and as we were sitting in our seats I dropped it. As we both went down to grab it we bumped heads, and locked into our first kiss.”

“We both just looked at each other realizing there was this incredible spark of fireworks between us. It was that fairytale kiss you only hear about in the movies. That was the first feeling of true love between me and Beyoncé. Still, to this day, I’ve never had another kiss as passionate as that one.”

As their young love thrived, Beyoncé’s career started to flourish. Beyoncé’s singing career soon took off as part of the girl group Destiny’s Child which initially consisted of Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett. As soon as Beyoncé achieved some level of fame, it started to strain the relationship.

Locke revealed, “It was honestly a dream come true. But immediately after their first single she became a workaholic, focusing all of her energy on her career. But we still always found time for each other, and I was never in any doubt about how much Beyoncé loved me — she would tell me all the time.”

Lyndall Locke Locke Ultimately Regrets Letting Go Of His Relationship With Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s ex-boyfriend opened up about his regrets on losing the singer.

He said, “Beyonce was the love of my life and I was hers, so losing her is still my biggest regret. She would say to me all the time, ‘I’m afraid to ever live my life without you Lyndall, I want you to be mine forever.”

The 33-year-old Locke revealed that he was the one who caused their breakup. He revealed that he was unfaithful with the former Destiny’s Child member.

“I’ll be honest — it was me that messed everything up and lost her forever to Jay-Z, but I deserved it. Who cheats on a woman as beautiful as Beyonce? Well, I am that man, and it’s something that’ll always haunt me,” he revealed.