How Serena Williams Apply Breast Milk to Treat Sunburn. Learn From Her.

Serena Williams has revealed why she used breast milk to treat her sunburn.

The former athlete – who welcomed her second daughter with husband Alexis Ohanian in August – shared a recent video to TikTok about why she was putting breast milk on her face.“So I completely got burned under my eye,” the 42-year-old said, before partially explaining how she got the sunburn. “I was doing this retinol and clearing my skin. I have sensitive skin, so I was in the sun. Long story. Anyway, I’m trying some breast milk.”

How Serena Williams Apply Breast Milk to Treat Sunburn. Learn From Her.

Williams went on to showcase herself shaking the bottle of breast milk, before putting some of it on a cloth and placing it under her eye.“It works for my kid,” she explained. “They say put breast milk on everything, and I have a lot extra so I’m …

As she continued dabbing the cloth under her eye, she specified that she “already felt better,” because the sunburn “hurt”.

In the caption, the Grand Slam winner went on to reveal that the breast milk did help treat her sunburn. She also asked viewers for their opinions about her experience.

“Okay is this totally weird??? I have to say after a week of using MY breast milk under my eye – it worked!” she wrote. “I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Be nice lol.”

Williams’ video has quickly gone viral, with more than 47,800 views, as of 5 December. In the comments, many fans gave their recommendations for how to treat sunburns, while others also revealed that they’ve successfully used breast milk to help with sensitive skin issues.

“Put organic castor oil. Takes away dark circles and heals at the same time,” one wrote.

“I gave a friend some of my breast milk to make bar soap for me to use on my son’s eczema. Was a wild concept to get my head around, but it worked!” another wrote.