Fact Check: Did the NFL ruin Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl repeat to favor Aaron Rodgers’ Jets?

Did the NFL rig things in favor of Aaron Rodgers and against Patrick Mahomes? One NFL reporter seems to believe so. With the schedule officially out, each team knows where they’re going and when they’re going there. Warren Sharp found some interesting notes, to say the least.

According to Sharp, the NFL has been trying to make the New York Jets a thing for a while now. It makes sense since New York is the biggest media market in the country, but the Jets have been bad.

Now that they have Rodgers, who is a prominent and extremely popular quarterback, there’s real reason to believe they’d be good. A team that’s been looking for a quarterback for more than a decade finally has one.
Did the NFL help Aaron Rodgers and the Jets?

Sharp believes the NFL is banking on that pairing working out, which is why they’ve essentially scheduled it so the Jets have the best rest edge compared to other teams.

Conversely, the NFL seems to have made it even more challenging on the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes’ repeat efforts are going to be challenged by his team’s schedule. The Chiefs have a very tough stretch with poor rest, which could make a major difference.

From Sharp’s perspective, the table is being stacked in favor of the Jets, which means other AFC teams will suffer. It’s hard to prove that the NFL did this intentionally as they do have their hands tied on certain aspects of the scheduling.

However, it is pretty difficult to ignore the evidence that Sharp has provided. It certainly looks as if the NFL is favoring the Jets, at least inadvertently. Given that the NFL has full control over when the games occur, it is fair to question whether or not they’ve handed the Jets an advantage.
New York Jets Introduce Quarterback Aaron Rodgers
New York Jets Introduce Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Objectively, the Aaron Rodgers era being successful in New York is good for the NFL. It will make them a lot of money and there’s not a lot of time for it to work out since Rodgers is 39 already.

It’s very possible that the NFL knows this and is taking advantage of their power to make it as easy as possible for New York.

Unfortunately, it can only remain a detailed accusation at this point.


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