Despite Chasing Tom Brady Like Immorality, Patrick Mahomes Lives a Starkly Different Life

Tom Brady sits atop the NFL world. Brady’s 23-year illustrious career saw the legendary QB amass seven Super Bowl rings with two different franchises. However, there are many young quarterbacks gunning for TB12’s title, and the unanimous frontrunner has to be the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

Since being drafted in 2017, Mahomes has led the Chiefs to their second Super Bowl championship in the last four years, but the road ahead is a long one. Over the years, Mahomes has taken a couple of pages out of Tom Brady’s life but only on the field. Away from the game, Mahomes’ approach to preparing for the big stage tends to differ from TB12’s, and the contrast starts right from what they eat.
Two great QBs but different dietary habits

NFL athletes have a difficult life, and even though the money is great, the restrictions make the process a bit tiring. Recovery is a big part of off days, and focusing on diets comes with the territory. Despite their similar workout routines, athletes often find the right eating regimen tailored to them. And greats like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have taken it to a whole other level.

Brady’s ACL injury in 2008 was a wake-up call for the NFL GOAT. Thankfully, Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen came up with a healthier alternative, organic vegan food. However, Brady chose to follow the 80-20 rule, relying heavily on plant-based food while 20% is still meat-oriented. Despite being dedicated to his diet, TB12 understands the need to take a break and have a piece of chocolate (specifically unreal candy) once in a while.

“If I’m craving bacon, I have a piece. Same with pizza. You should never restrict what you really want. We’re humans, here for one life,” Brady shared with Men’s Health.

In contrast to Brady’s restrictive diet, Mahomes has a different approach.

Similar to Brady, Mahomes owes a lot of his fitness journey to the love of his life. Brittany Mahomes has made a name for herself in the fitness world, and Patrick Mahomes might be the biggest benefactor. Brittany has been aiding Mahomes in maintaining a balanced diet and tracking his nutrition goals. However, unlike Brady, Mahomes strays away from candies and fast food.

“I just tried to eliminate some of the bad meals the fast food the foods that aren’t great for your body a
nd don’t help you get the most out of it.” expressed Mahomes. The Super Bowl MVP further clarified, “I am a picky eater but I still try to eat healthy stuff like chicken salmon and all the other stuff I like a lot he said.”

While Brady and Mahomes follow different eating habits to stay in the best shape, their results speak for themselves. Like almost every other QB in the league, Patrick Mahomes continues chasing the greatness of Tom Brady, and maybe one day the two will be on even ground.

Is Tom Brady above Patrick Mahomes?

In terms of their careers at this point, absolutely. Tom Brady has won the most championships in NFL history, while Mahomes recently won his second. Additionally, the Brady saga has reached its conclusion, and Patrick Mahomes is just at the prime of his career. Yet the comparisons around the two continue going strong. Speaking on Patrick Mahomes’ case to surpass Brady, Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran said “He’s in the top five, but Mahomes is at base camp and Brady is 20,000 feet above him, And the reason he’s there is because he did it twice. He twice made a case that he’s the greatest ever,”

Surprisingly, Patrick Mahomes shares Curran’s perspective as he earlier shared his ambitions, “I’m trying to catch Tom, “But Tom’s a long ways away, you can ask me when I’m like 38 years old.” Despite his relentless pursuit of Brady, Mahomes shares a beautiful relationship with the NFL GOAT, even receiving advice from him before the Super Bowl game.


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