Coco Gauff becomes the Grand Marshal for the Christmas parade

Coco Gauff becomes the Grand Marshal for the Christmas parade

The festive season is on and tennis players from across the world have been making sure to enjoy it to the fullest before getting ready for the upcoming season. One of the stars who has made the best use of the time here is Coco Gauff. The 19-year-old American sensation, who stunned everyone with her title glory at the US Open seems to enjoy her vacation.

From Karaoke nights to concerts, there hasn’t been anything that she hasn’t laid her hands on, and now, in an interesting revelation, she takes the role of the grand marshal. Through the stories shared on her Instagram, she reflects on how she will be leading the Christmas parade this year in her hometown as she gets honored after a remarkable season.

Coco Gauff becomes the Grand Marshal for the Christmas parade

Tennis sensation Coco Gauff, in a recent revelation, announced her role as the Grand Marshal in the upcoming Delray Beach Christmas Parade via Instagram, stunning her followers with the exciting news. While posting a photo on her story, she sent surprise news to her fans, who have always seen her shut people down on the tennis courts.

This is a special deal for Coco because she’s a big name in the tennis world, and now she gets to show love for her hometown by leading this parade. Her Instagram story showed how excited she is to represent Delray Beach. “Surprise! Grand Marshal of the delray beach christmas parade,” wrote Gauff in her story while surprising her fans.

It’s a very cool moment for Coco. She loves where she’s from, and this role as Grand Marshal lets her be a part of the town’s celebrations in a big way. With Coco in charge, the parade is sure to be fun and full of her lively spirit. People in Delray Beach are already looking forward to this awesome Christmas parade led by their very own Coco Gauff!

However, in other stories that she posted, she reposted the stories of her fans who were in numbers and got a chance to be a part of the Christmas Parade.

Gauff reshares Instagram stories of her fans as they join the parade
In another revelation, Coco Gauff, who earlier announced to be the grand marshal and lead the way for the parade took to her Instagram to share some stories of her fans who were present in the parade and got a chance to witness the 19-year-old American sensation.

Donning the parade with a pink top and light blue jeans, Gauff thanked all her fans who came in numbers to share their support for the US Open champion. Thus, a local sensation, Gauff got the chance to connect with everyone as she joined the parade at Christmas in her hometown. With the festive season on, she looks to spend some great time with her family and ready herself for what’s coming next.