But This Is So Accurate”: 26-Year-Old Newlywed Simone Biles Shares the Feeling of Being in Her Late 20s

Olympic icon, Simone Biles is blooming into the next stage of her life, after she recently got married to her long-time partner, Jonathan Owens. Since then, her pre-wedding preparations have come to a halt. However, now the stories have taken a different turn. In a recent Instagram story, the athlete revealed an interesting facet of being in her late 20s.

Biles shared a video that featured several wedding invites, hinting at all the wedding ceremonies in a year. Therefore, Biles was able to directly relate to the insinuation and left a note on the story.

Simone Biles had other weddings to attend
As per the Instagram story, the 26-year-old gymnast pointed toward a fascinating aspect of this year. Being in her late 20s, even the athlete’s peers were all getting married, hence attending an overwhelming number of weddings in 2023 already. Denoting the same, she wrote in her Instagram story, “Okay but this is so accurate, the amount of weddings we got to attend this year.”

Whereas the video shared was a “POV” trend, and the context was substantiated with a meme audio. It played several notification beeps while a woman said, “Another one, thank you,” repeatedly. The snippet displayed five beautifully crafted wedding invites, nuancing that more couples are getting married around their late 20s.

Well, the seven-time Olympic medalist is one of them too. Taking her adult life to the next level, the athlete and her star husband posted an update on their new house together on Monday. Evidently, the post-wedding stories are no less exciting than the previous ones.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens flaunt their future home

Taking to the social media platform, the gymnastics champion put up a story showing a piece of land that was the plot for her future house with Owens. Since the beginning of their relationship, the star couple had planned on building a sweet life together, and it’s finally coming true.

“Slowly making some sort of progress,” she added a caption to the story. An earlier update displayed the instance of lot clearing, and now, the land was adorned with tiny wooden fences. Now, the plot is ready for the construction of the Biles-Owens abode.



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