Brittany and Patrick Mahomes celebrate another special birthday after son Bronze’s grand party

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes celebrate another special birthday after son Bronze's grand party

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have never failed to celebrate a family occasion on their Instagram. While keeping a few things private, they seem to have documented most milestones, making sure their followers and fans are just as familiar with their family.

After celebrating Bronze Mahomes’ grand first birthday party, Brittany and Patrick seem to be celebrating another special birthday: This time for their dog Steel.

Sharing one adorable photo on her Instagram, Brittany tagged Patrick Mahomes to wish their dog a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to this dude!!!” Brittany wrote.
A dog parent for years, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have two dogs together: Steel and Silver.

Furthermore, Steel also seemed like he was in on some holiday spirit, seen wearing a lovely green-colored Christmas scarf with snowflakes and candy canes on it.

Decorating her house and setting up ample Xmas items, Brittany and the Mahomes are already set to welcome the holiday spirit.

Steel and Silver also have their own Instagram page, which appears to be managed by Brittany herself. The page has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes celebrated baby Bronze’s first birthday
The Kansas City Chiefs star QB left no stone unturned for his son’s first birthday celebration on November 18, 2023. They turned their basketball court into a football field, filling the place with balloons and various attractions.

‘Bronze’s First Down’ was the party’s main theme and they even made an adorable MVP t-shirt for the toddler. MVP, of course, meant Most Valuable Mahomes. Named Patrick Lavon Mahomes, their son is more commonly known as ‘Bronze’.

A few Reddit users, however, were a little on the fence about Brittany’s new party:

“Parties like this are for parents and not the kids. Kid at this age doesn’t know what football even is and whether he likes it or not. As usual it’s a show off for Britt.”
Brittany, however, has continued to focus on matters at hand, effectively tuning out her haters and trolls most times.