Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles praises daughter’s confession about…

Beyoncé's mom Tina Knowles praises daughter's confession about...

Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles praises daughter’s confession about her past

Beyoncé’s career has definitely been a legendary one, having achieved new highs just recently with her record-breaking wins at the Grammy Awards.

The singer’s mom Tina Knowles, forever one of her biggest supporters, took to social media with a throwback video that cemented her daughter’s success story

The clip featured Beyoncé on-stage talking to a crowd about her rocky road to solo superstardom following her departure from Destiny’s Child.

She revealed that her record label at the time, Columbia Records, had heard her entire debut record, Dangerously in Love, and told her that it contained not one hit.

She then listed the five biggest singles from the album, Dangerously in Love 2, Naughty Girl, Me, Myself and I, Baby Boy, and Crazy in Love, and retorted with: “I guess they were kinda right…I had five.”

Tina posted the clip with the supportive caption: “This is exactly why you have to believe in yourself! And not listen to other folks. You know best. I remember that day so well! Thank God she didn’t listen to the noise!”

The album also won a record-tying five Grammys, even nabbing a Record of the Year nomination for the lead track, which featured her future husband Jay-Z.