As Jonathan Owens’ Sobbing for Simone Biles Goes Viral, She Reveals Father’s Advice to Him at the Wedding

Simone Biles destination wedding in Cabo, Mexico was not only unforgettable for her but also a big day for Jonathan Owens. Seeing Biles walking towards him, dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, Owens had tears of joy that Biles would be his forever. This moment was also emotional for Biles’s father, who had held her hand in childhood and motivated her to make the best use of her talents. Recently, Biles disclosed her father’s exchange with Jonathan Owens while reacting to a fan’s intriguing comment on Instagram.

The gymnastics champion made this revelation after spending time with her family on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She posted this comment while responding to a video Jonathan Owens recently uploaded on his Instagram handle. The heartfelt statement reflected the bond Biles shared with Ronald Biles. Adopting Biles when she was six, Ronald Biles gave the star gymnast the stability and support she required in childhood. So what was the comment that led to Biles’s heartwarming reaction?

These aren’t the only times Biles has opened up on the bond with her father. Once, the Olympic champion also narrated her father’s amusing reaction when she showed him the ring Owens gave her after proposing to her.

A video that Biles had posted on her Snapchat account effectively captured her father’s reaction to her engagement with Owens. Surprised, Ronald Biles later admitted, “It’s a nice ring. “Further, he asked Biles humorously, “Damn! You’ll be walking around for the rest of your life with your hand out?” Imitating Biles’s gesture of flaunting her ring, he asked Biles if she would continue to make this gesture. Reacting to this, Biles agreed and said yes.
Biles’s admissions will definitely leave fans emotional and thinking of their own fathers who have shaped their lives. Her statements prove that despite not being a biological father, Ronald Biles has an important place in her life.


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