An inside look into Patrick Mahomes’ private jet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a number of flashy endorsements: Oakley, Hy-Vee and State Farm, just to name a few.

But his flashiest endorsement deal may be with private jet company Airshare.

“It’s a partnership we’ve had even before his first full season at starting quarterback,” Airshare CEO John Owen said.

“It’s migrated over the years. It started with us flying his family to all the home games.”

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The Mahomes family gets to ride in style in this Challenger 350. With touchscreen controls and a premier sound system, Pat can study film on the big screens or throw.

Along with Mahomes, Airshare also has partnered with the Chiefs for about 10 years to bring in some high-value free agents and draft picks.

“We’re getting a call, late night text in the middle of the night saying ‘Hey, we need you to pick up someone. They won’t tell us who a lot of times, it’s a little bit smoke and mirrors of where and when. It’s fun once we see them land in an Airshare plane and who gets off of it.”

Airshare started in Wichita in 2000, moved to KC in 2005 and is the 10th largest private jet operator with more than 50 private jets all over the country. The next step for the company is expansion.

“We actually have bases up from Chicago all the way down to South Texas all the


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