Ahead of Her Wedding, Simone Biles Breaks Silence on Taking Jonathan Owens’ Last Name

As the date of her wedding closes in, Simone Arianne Biles can no longer wait to be addressed as Mrs. Owens. Her fans too are excited to see the young gymnast live her happily ever after. However, some are wondering if the four-time Olympic gold medalist will change her last name which, owing to her decorated career, has become a brand in itself. Last year, soon after her engagement, Simone Biles had hinted how she couldn’t wait to steal Jonathan Owens’s last name. But nothing was said about what she’ll do with her name, until now.
Recently, the bride-to-be held an interactive session with her fans on Instagram. A fan took this opportunity to enquire about Biles’ plans regarding her name after the wedding. And as always, the gymnast didn’t leave her curious fan hanging in mid-air.

Sunday, 9th April 2023, the Olympian gymnast, Simone Biles, took some time out to interact with her fans. She hosted a question-and-answer session on Instagram. Biles has always been candid with her fans and updated them about her life, every step of the way. As expected, fans jumped at the opportunity to question the gymnast and satisfy their curious minds.

One fan wrote, “Are you going to be Biles-Owens or just Owens ???” To this Biles replied, “I’ll drop my middle name & it’ll be Simone Biles Owens.” Turns out the gymnast has found a smart way out of the predicament.


Taking Jonathan Owens’s Last Name for Fur Babies, Simone Biles Takes an Adorable Step Ahead of Her Wedding

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She’ll add ‘Owens’ without having to let go of ‘Biles’. Instead, ‘Arianne’ will be the sacrificial lamb. (For the unversed, Simone Biles’ full name is Simone Arianne Biles.) So, after her wedding, she’ll be changing it to Simone Biles Owens. This update may come as a breath of relief for fans who were previously worried about the probable name change.

Fans of the gymnastics queen felt conflicted about her name change after her wedding

Last month, Simone Biles dropped a gorgeous photo with a mischievous caption to tease her fans. Through the caption, Biles revealed that she’ll be ‘Mrs. Owens’ soon and asked fans to guess her wedding date. Since Biles hasn’t revealed the wedding date yet, she wanted to josh her fans with that information.

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But the hilarious post miserably failed to serve its purpose, after the “soon to be mrs. owens” in the caption, overpowered the question. Her fandom stood divided on the matter. Many fans begged the gymnast to not change her name. Others argued some fans were being unreasonable with their demands. They opined Biles should do whatever she pleased.

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With Biles finally addressing the speculations and putting the questions to rest, she has shot down two birds with one stone through her method. Now, the gymnast and her fandom can once again look forward to the wedding, together, with no worries.

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