Patrick Mahomes, Cheat on his wife with a popular celebrity… check celeb name

Patrick Mahomes, Cheat on his wife with a popular celebrity... check celeb name

Patrick Mahomes, Cheat on his wife with a popular celebrity… check celeb name

So there comes a time when you have to stop hating, right? Look, I get it. New England has long since begun their dominance on the NFL. And I mean that – DOMINANCE. In the last 20 years, the Patriots have been to 9 Super Bowls.

Ouch. I’m sorry – it looks even more dominating when typed out.

For those of you that missed it, New England was robbed of 14 points last week against the visiting Kansas City Chiefs and the Patriots lost their first home game in the equivalent of a year and a half, at home. New England fans were booing their team at halftime.

And go ahead and call them “cheaters” and say things like “Spygate 2.0”. Have at it. And have a good time doing it. Seeing how no one can seem to figure them out, seems practical to point the finger and find solace in your frustration.

And yes, Tom Brady HAD to cheat. How else can a 42-year-old man be a quarterback in this league? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe read his book or buy any of his TB12 brand products and try and comprehend that this is a man who takes insane care of his body.

But he HAS to be cheating.

Speaking of cheating, Justin Timberlake was recently seen publicly intoxicated and holding hands with a woman NOT named Jessica Biel. BUT, Justin publicly apologized through Instagram, so all is right with the world…right?

Patrick Mahomes’ Dumb Ass Girlfriend

And speaking of cheating, I think Patrick Mahomes needs to cheat on his dumb ass girlfriend.

So here is the story through her Twitter feed. She went to Foxboro to support her boyfriend, and upon arrival was yelled at, cussed at, and so mistreated by the New England fans that NEW ENGLANDS SECURITY moved her to a new section where she would be “more safe”.

Then, Twitter did Twitter things. A new video, showcasing her inebriated voice, singing the “Na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na. Hey, hey, hey – goodbye,” to the remaining New England fans and I come to wonder – “why would Bostonians be so negative towards such a held together person?”

As if being in Foxboro wasn’t hard enough for Patrick. Now, he has to deal with this.

Well, way to go, girlfriend. You just made Patrick Mahomes the number one target for New England. First with your lies, then with your insensitivity.

He needs to cheat on you.

Like, with an uglier girl.


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