Patrick Mahomes and His wife Sent an Alarming Message to NFL

Patrick Mahomes and His wife Sent an Alarming Message to NFL

Patrick Mahomes and His Fiancée Sent an Alarming Message to NFL.Patrick Mahomes had a game to remember as the Kansas City Chiefs dominated the Baltimore Ravens in a 34-20 victory Monday night. The Ravens had no answer for Mahomes as he showed why he’s one of the best in the league.

He sent out a message to the NFL that he’s ready to win another Super title and his fiancee also had a message for the league during the game.

Patrick Mahomes strong performance against the Ravens

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Monday Night Football game featuring two of the best quarterbacks in the game in Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. You had last year’s NFL MVP going up against last year’s Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes came out and played like he was the best quarterback in the league. Going into halftime, the Chiefs had a 27-10 lead over the Ravens, and Mahomes was responsible for all four touchdowns (one rushing and three throwing).

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The Ravens defense could not stop Mahomes as he continued to find open receivers throughout the entire game. Baltimore threw different defense looks against Mahomes, but that did not seem to work. In the fourth quarter, Mahomes sealed the deal with a touchdown pass to Eric Fisher, and that was Mahomes’ fifth overall touchdown for the game.

He finished the game going 31-for-42 in the air, throwing for 385 yards and four touchdowns and rushing for 26 yards with one touchdown. Mahomes had a total quarterback rating of 97.7 at the end of the game. The Chiefs have got off to a hot start to the 2020 season as they are 3-0, and Mahomes has been a big reason for their early-season success.

Patrick Mahomes sending a message to the league early in the season

Coming off a Super Bowl win, the Chiefs were determined to start the 2020 season off on the right foot, and they have done just that. Mahomes has already shown that last season was not a fluke as he has put together some impressive performances so far this season. Through three games, Mahomes has a total of 10 touchdowns and has not thrown an interception yet.

He is sending a message out to the league that he’s ready to lead his team back to the Super Bowl, and so far, the Chiefs are showing why they are the defending champions. Everything was working for Mahomes against the Ravens, and that was a statement win to show the league that the Chiefs mean business, and they have the best player in the game. Mahomes became the fastest player in NFL history to reach 10,000 passing yards against the Ravens, as he did it in 34 games. He will continue to put up impressive numbers and set other NFL records. After his performance against the Ravens, the league knows that Mahomes is ready for another Super Bowl and MVP award.

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Brittany Matthews also had a message for the NFL during the Chiefs-Ravens game

MVP, he was ranked No. 4 on the NFL’s Top 100 List coming into the 2020 season. That was motivation for Mahomes to go out and show why that No. 4 ranking was an insult. So far this season, Mahomes does not look like the No. 4 player, and his fiancee sees that as motivation for Mahomes as well.

During the game, Brittany Matthews went on Twitter and had a message for the NFL. “No, let them keeping ranking him #4 in the league…..we love it,” Matthews tweeted out. Mahomes is out there playing like he’s on a mission this season, and Matthews can see it in his eyes. The NFL needs to get ready for the type of season that Mahomes will have this year.

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