Patrick Mahomes give 3 details plans To Become A Billionaire…

KC Chiefs Star QB Patrick Mahomes Could Become NFL’s First Billionaire Through These Major Investments and Contracts

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is set to make some more history. Patrick Mahomes Is Poised To Be The NFL’s First Billionaire Player Thanks To These Savvy Investments.

Patrick Mahomes is one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet and he’s worth every penny. He is on track to become the league’s first-ever billionaire player (all of the owners are billionaires) and his accumulation of wealth is driven by investments and endorsements as much as his handsome salary.

Since becoming the Chiefs’ starter in 2018, Patrick Mahomes won an MVP, Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, went back to another Super Bowl, and an AFC Championship. He’s been delivering value on every cent of his 10-year, $503,000,000 contract from the Chiefs.

To date, Mahomes has earned $47,454,472 in contract money. Over the next 10 seasons, that number will climb to $491,454,472.

e with Bose, Panini, Directv, Adidas, State Farm, and Electronic Arts.

He also bought a $10 million stake in the Kansas City Royals and has a stake in Sporting Kansas City, which is the city’s MLS team. The franchise valuation have been on a steady rise too.

Of course, the NFL world had to weigh in on this since the future looks to be very bright for Mahomes. It’s pretty remarkable how many endorsements Mahomes has and how infrequently we hear him speak in TV commercials.


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