‘Prince Harry unleash new bombshells about Camilla after Queen title news’

Prince Harry is said to be “livid” over the news of Camilla becoming Queen and that he will use his anger to unleash a new wave of bombshell claims.

Former royal aide Paul Burrell spoke to Closer magazine and said that even though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to reveal their opinion over the matter, he said that the announcement is “like a red rag to a bull for Harry”.

The news is said to make feel Prince Harry “betrayed” as his late mother Princess Diana should have gotten the honour.

“He’ll be angry. While I don’t think he has disdain for Camilla as a person, I think it’ll rile him and he’ll feel betrayed that she’ll now be Queen when that should have been his mother. He’ll be livid.”

He added that the Duke of Sussex will likely “tell the world what he thinks and feels about Camilla” with “more bombshells, teasers, and titbits leaked into the press.”


  1. Diana would never have become Queen. She would never have stayed with Charles. They had nothing in common and she liked male attention.
    Harry should leave Camilla alone. She has made his Dad very happy.
    I think it’s best he stay away from the Queens jubilee as he is making trouble for money. It just plays to the ridiculous Camilla haters. No one else is interested.


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